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a piece of lace

My dear friend Oona is getting married this summer. This is the Oona who shlepped all the way across the country for my wedding seven years ago, who followed me around for a week holding my purse, who patiently laced up the back of my corset dress as I sucked in my breath and hissed, "I want it thinner! thiiiiinnnnnneeeer!"

I even LOOK bitchy

This dear Oona is getting married, and I will not be there because I am totally lame. Because I have two young children who I don't want to take on a plane. EVER. Because I have crossed over that line between cool-wedding-goer and just-wants-to-go-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour. Because I now get my kicks by staying home and knitting.

pristine for the wedding day

To assuage my guilt over not flying to Seattle, I knit Oona something special for her wedding, a lace garter which holds the distinction of being the first piece of lace I ever tried. I knit it out of white cotton on size 1 needles. There were 23 rows in the lace sequence, none of which were easily rememberable, and my children rejoiced in stealing the stick-it I was using for a place holder. In other words it was a uphill battle. I don't think I'll do another lace project until my children are grown and/or I have another wedding to decline.

Suffice it to say the difficulty of the project assuaged my guilt over missing the wedding, at least for the moment.

And hey, if Oona doesn't want to wear the garter as her "something new" or "something blue" she can always save it for her future progeny. It doubles as a mean headband.

not old enough to know why this might be weird


Oh Leah, you shouldn't feel any guilt! It's hard enough flying cross country by yourself, I can't imagine doing it with children! I would not want to cause you any stress :) I love the garter! And I needed a something blue, so that's perfect!! Although, it looks pretty awesome on Harvey as well ;) For those who can't tell from the pictures, the knitting on this piece is amazing and very've outdone yourself this time, Leah! Big hugs!! Wish I didn't live so far away!

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