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my savvy dresser

May I crow for a moment about my oldest child?

Harvey wearing a tie over his jacket and a hat with earflaps

my homespun fashion model at drumlin farm

Harvey loves wearing clothes. Clothes, costumes, accessories, you name it. I love clothes too, and I love to make tiny clothes, but Harvey's zest for homemade fashion is an extra sweet reward for my efforts. When I couldn't find his regular Drumlin Farm hat I pulled this one out of the bottom of the closet hoping it might fit. Instead of throwing a you're-changing-stuff-on-me tantrum, Harvey perked right up, saying he LOVED the wooden buttons. He thought they looked like bear eyes, and he thought the ear flaps looked like bear ears. So he called this his "bear hat."

Harvey standing by an enormous jack-o-lantern

my big/little guy

My little catalogue model. It's the whole milk that makes those cheeks.

Harvey was happy to wear his knitted mittens too (even though he really wants RED ones, another thing to add to my list). The tie was his own addition to the outfit. In all of this he stands in start contrast to his younger brother who HATES all outerwear. Zion absolutely refuses to put on mittens, even after he says his hands are cold. The coat alone is a big production. After the coat, I have no more energy to fight about mittens. I guess that's what pockets are for.

Harvey and Zion standing on a rock looking at each other


Harvey on the other hand? Harvey is a joy to dress, to knit for, to take to Drumlin Farm on a cold November day.

Coming home in the car Harvey said, "A lot of people admired my tie on this trip." Which was true.

Then he said, "When we get home can we read Anne of Green Gables as a refreshment?"

God I love that kid.


That picture of the two of them together is one of my favorites. Love those sweet boys!

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