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Coming out of the fog

For the past few days i have been sick with the WorstColdEver. Last night i made dan take me out to a restaurant just because all i wanted to put in my belly were hot soba noodles, (and everything in our kitchen was on the floor of our kitchen), only to spike a fever at the table in the restaurant and whine and moan, and instead of helping to pack up at our appartment i fall asleep on the couch, until dan packed up all by himself and carried me to the car, and then in the car i groaned and moaned, and then at our house i again fell asleep on the couch while Dan made the bed from the ground up, boards and all, and then i groaned and moaned and ploped right into the bed, moaning somesort of goodnight that sounded more like "WillYouBringMeMyCoughdrops and LockTheDoorBeforeYouComeToBed."

How sexy i was for our first night in our new house.

It is to Dan's credit that he has done nothing but taken care of me these past three days, and not once did he say, "Listen there missy, i just moved our entire house and made you a bed From Scratch so you'd better quit yer moaning and not be so bossy!"
No, Dan's one prince of a feller!

Thankfully, this morning i woke up feeling much improved, which means i can finally get to work on organizing this beautiful new house of ours! I guess it was meant to be that to prevent me from feeling like the luckiest girl on earth with this beautiful new house and this wonderful new husband-to-be, my body went into total systems failure. You know, to keep me on an even keel.

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