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happy valentine's day

Last night Dan and I had our annual pre-Valentines Day talk.

"Sooooo, we're not like giving each other cards or anything tomorrow, right?" I asked.

"I made you that cardboard heart when I was painting with the kids," Dan said.

"And I made a card the other day," I said "but I didn't write anything in it. How about I just give you a blank card. It'll be wide open to represent our future together."

In the night Harvey had a major tantrum and Dan did an hour and a half of discipline before I took over for an hour. When Dan briefed me for the trade-off I felt my heart swell with middle-of-the-night admiration for this man. There is nothing in the world that makes me love my husband more than caring for our children together. Especially when it involves middle-of-the-night limit setting.

Later today I saw our neighbor walking from his car with a dozen long-stemmed roses. I squealed and pointed it out so the kids could look outside and see the prettiness. Then I said, "You know? If I ever get flowers I immediately wonder how much they cost."

"And I worry about the environmental impact," Dan said.

So we're not terribly romantic, but it's comforting to know that at least we're on the same page.

Though no cards or presents were exchanged, today was a perfectly lovely Valentine's day. Dan watched the kids while I snowshoed with the dog for an hour, and I took them to the sports complex while Dan bought seeds. In the evening we ate leftover soup with some fresh bread Dan baked, and I entertained the kids with "the basket show." If you don't have the basket show in your house, it's where Harvey and Zion watch me make a basket and ask questions through the personalities of their dolls. It turns out kids will be really cute if you deprive them of cartoons for an extended period of time.

On the way to the sports complex Harvey explained to me, "Valentine's Day celebrates love." If that is the case then I had most appropriate Valentine's day ever. I love my boys so much it's crazy talk.

Harvey and Zion in the kids church classroom wearing matching outfits, ties, and seed pearl necklaces

our stylish boys

Two out of three of my favorite people in the world. Happy Valentine's Day my loves. You guys are the most special best.

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