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We got out!

The weather today was beautiful and our kids needed an outing, so we piled into the new minivan and headed to the Discovery Museum in Acton. Did I mention we bought a used minivan? We did and it's incredible.

lyelye enjoying the spacious interior

We got this car 5 days before the baby was born. Just look at all the stuff we can store, baby included! And that's not even counting the two back seats.

the cool kids sit in back

This is where the kids sit. At the moment I snapped the picture we were getting a bale of straw thrown into the trunk. Now that there's straw scattered all over the floor the van really feels like home.

The only problem with the van (well, outside the environmental impact of driving at all) is that I have to get out of my seat to hand the children food. I find I'm doing this between one and several times a trip, and we haven't taken many trips so far. At one point in our journey today I was squatting in the middle of the van handing Zion his water bottle, when the road suddenly turned and I was thrown against the side door.

"Are you okay?" Dan asked. I nodded as I struggled to my knees.

"Isn't it good we have so much room in the new car?" Harvey exclaimed brightly, "that you have room to kneel down, Mama?"

Once at our destination, the boys enjoyed the children's museum with their friend Eliot.

since we're members we feel like we own the place.

While Elijah enjoyed sleeping in the sling.

being places makes him sleepy

The weather was so warm that we could even eat our picnic lunch outside! Despite the piles of snow everywhere there are signs that spring is coming one day.

warm despite the snow

Baby E stayed toasty in the sling with an added blanket outside just in case.

glad to be outside

After lunch we took in the discovery science museum, where there are nice soft lounge chairs for mama to sit in. I mean, something something the boys did science.


It was a fun day, but by mid afternoon I was ready to get back in the van. Adventures are tiring, especially when interspersed with nursing and poopy diapers. Luckily there's a nice long spring ahead of us. Here's to time for adventures and resting both.

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