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my little clothes horse

I never before had a baby that stayed in newborn sizes for longer than a week, so little LyeLye surprised me by needing much more in the way of baby duds than I had on hand. Last Friday I went to the mall with my mother and picked out clothes for her to buy. When the cash register tipped a hudred and fifty dollars she started to make a face and remark, "Do you really NEED all these outfits?"

Then I felt a little greedy and guilty.

Then I took the stuff home, washed it, and watched Elijah poop or puke through EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT in a day and a half. So yes, even with all that investment I still need to wash baby clothes every day But he sure does look cute in those few moments before he's covered with effluence. Here are a few shots I snapped in between trips to the changing table. Dan thinks anything more than a fleece dress is silly, but I like having a little baby doll to dress up for as long as he'll allow it.

lyelye in a black hooded sweatshirt, lying on the bed

I coulda been a contender

Dan: "A hoodie? For a baby? What's he got to put in his pockets?"
Leah: "OMG, a hoodie! For a baby! Look, he's like a little boxer, punch punch!

Harvey sitting on the couch holding Elijah on his lap; both wearing blue and green

matching brothers are kind of blase about it

Leah: "He looks like an elf!"
Dan: "He looks like a clown."

Elijah in the carseat wearing a hooded oversuit

the babygap sweatshirt that almost broke the bank

Leah: "Look! Elijah is a little bear!
Dan: "Can you stop taking pictures and get in the car?"
(Actually, Dan didn't really say these words. They were communicated through a meaningful look.)

elijah wearing mama-knitted sweater and hat

mama loves this baby

Okay, so this isn't a new outfit, it's a sweater and hat I originally knit for Zion. But oh my goodness, look at that little reindeer herder! I had a pink combo ready too, but I won't suffer Elijah that. The next friend to conceive a girl will get extra organic-cotton lucky.

Oh my beautiful little newborn. I love you so much. Now I gotta go fold your laundry.


I LOVE THE BEAR OUTFIT!! I always thought those kind of outfits were adorable as well. for the five minutes they were on them :) What a cutie!

This post makes me hope for a girl (and to be luck enough to be the next one - lol) in hopes that she can be the lucky recipient of an unbelievably cute snugly sweater!! — that's a perfectly good reason for wanting a girl right? lol is the cutest baby sweater I've even seen, so that justifies it - right?


I think you'll have another girl Christie, but that's just a hunch.

I made a page for Elijah pictures here; there's nothing there yet except the pictures in this post and a couple others, but at least it's a central repository for all you Elijah cuteness needs.

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