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I wanted to get out in the sunshine yesterday but the playground was not a compelling offer to my children. Aw mom, we've BEEN to that playground before. Well then, I asked, do you want to go to the skate park?

don't harsh on me, ma

Dan found some skateboards in the trash the other day. Or at least that's what Harvey tells me. They may have appeared unbidden on our lawn, that kind of stuff happens around here too. Either way, Harvey was delighted to try out his new ride. It wasn't until I was a half mile from our house pushing the stroller that I looked up at the scale of the ramps and I thought to myself: Golly. We should have brought a helmet.


In the end we risked no head trauma, though Harvey did get a skinned knee and Zion screamed for several minutes that he WANTED HIS MITTENS!!! (I had left them at home because upon leaving he screamed for several minutes that he HATED HIS MITTENS. Luckily I'd brought bandaids.)

As the boys wrapped up their outing by running up and down the half pipe, I couldn't but notice the line of busses in the distance behind them. This, I thought, (minus the screaming... okay truthfully with the screaming) is the homeschool life.

the life

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