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I'm so over this blog entry.

I have come to realize the great trajedy of my life. The one? Well one of them:

The pathos of leah is "the present over-it dilema." i go through periods of time waiting and waiting and planning and hoping and obsessing over a particular moment, and then by the time that particular moment comes, i'm so done thinking about it already, that i'm Over It.

Take prom, for example. Hours spent obsessing over the dress, how am i going to wear my hair, what shoes, what jewelry, what limo, what flowers... even to the point that two days before the said event, i actually wrote out a hour-by-hour plan of the day of prom, including when i was going to paint my nails, when i was going to get my hair done, and EXACTLY in what order i would perform the proper exfoliation in the shower. (Note: if you are 16 years old and you have to write down "shave legs" and "shave armpits" as two seperate items on an hour-by-hour day plan, be warned that you will have problems as a functioning adult.)

So then by the time my highschool prince charming arrives, when it's time to actually go to this infamous prom, i've been so busy getting pretty for hours on end that i'm super over this whole prom BS and ready to skip the pictures and go straight to drinking.

See, the trajedy of my life. I stress and plan for a moment that i will never enjoy. Take high-school graduation. Or college graduation. Or managing my own store. All Busts.

And now, as you've probobly guessed, i am so totally over this wedding. 12 weeks in advance, i might add, but it fits that i should be over it before it's even begun, since i've only been thinking about it for, oh, eleven years or so. Can you believe it? it will be the day of my wedding, the day i have been dreaming about since i was a little girl, and on that morning i am going to wake up with the thought in my head: "I can't wait until this bullshit is over. I can't wait to move on with my life."

And then i start worrying about Grad schools and applications, and it starts all over; anouther great moment in my life for which i am both present and absent.

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