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W = T- 39 days

The wedding is looming in the distance, like a heavy stormcloud of vodka, pink roses, and leah needing to loose ten pounds. The final wedding preperations are in full swing, as dan mentioned yesterday. As he wrote, we met with the florist, caterer, and reception hall representative to finalize details such as table placement, linin color, and flower placement. And about a BILLION other things, which i don't even remember deciding but which will surely affect THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! What dan did not tell you was that this was very booring and tedious for him, and i wasn't too far behind him in terms of brain shutting down after three hours of it, either. Good thing there were some caring women there looking after me and making decisions in my best interest based solely on the criteria: how can we cram the greatest amount of pink objects into this small space?

Things that will be pink on September 4th:
the flowers
the linnins
the bridesmaid dresses
the sugar flowers on the cake
the napkins
the opening coctail to be passed around (lemonade rasberry puree and rum, i think)
the wrapping paper on all the presents that we get (if my shower is to be any indication)
my underware (but you won't see it, suckaz!!!)
Dan's face, cuz he'll be marrying such a hottie!

We have gotten so good at decision making that we chose a wedding cake in about four seconds based on "it's chocolate" and "it has pink on it." I wonder what was the point of looking at all those bridal magazines. About now i feel like: can't somebody else take care of all this? I have to go work out.

But the most exciting part of the day was definitely choosing a tux for Dan. He is one good looking Man when you get him into some formal wear. And whereas i had to order my dress AT LEAST six months before the wedding, the tux place told us that two weeks before would be sufficient for the boys to come in to pick out their tuxes. Two weeks!!! Maybe they know that boys can never plan for anything in advance. Or maybe they've just accomidated because Lexington is such a shotgun wedding town.

Speaking of shotgun weddings, i'd better get to the gym before people start thinking this IS one. (on account of my bulging stomach filled with GMAT knowledge.... i mean chocolate.) Even Dan took a bike ride this morning... I think my obsessive-compulsive-ness is rubbing off on him. Already! Oh, how sweet!!!

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