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Happy Birthday Daddy2!

Today is David's birthday. David is my new father-in-law. Gosh, that's weird to write: "father-in-law". On my first try i wrote father-AND-law, and then i looked at it for a minute like a dog who's smelled something funny but doesn't know quite what, and then i realized that the AND must be IN because you call them your "In-Laws" not your "AND-laws. " As in "they're your parents withIN the law" not "they're your parents AND they will also judge you on all your poor qualities and immedietly phone your husband to tell him what a horrible shrew he's married because THEIR WORD IS LAW!!!"

David is having a party thrown in his honor this evening, a SINGING party! Good thing one of the A-------d clan up and married a soprano! Sing out Louise!!!

  • *If anyone else in the world know this reference, then You Too are a Dork. Sign-ups are not open for my new course entitled:

  • Be a Musical Theatre Cheerleader: How to hide your Dorkdom using flat-irons and lipgloss.

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