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The difference between a rut and a grave...

... is the depth.

Or whatever that means. I woke Dan up at midnight last night screaming "I've been poisoned!!!" I had a lump in my stomach so big i could feel the bulge carving stretch-marks into my skin. "It's just stress" Dan said, as if in my ultimate wisdom my body's best defence to strain is shutting off all digestion of food products. What with being poisoned last night, and keeping Dan awake with panic attacks the night before, if i don't quit my job soon we might never sleep again. Then again, if i do quit my job soon we might never eat again, and i don't want to wrestle over which is more important.

Truly, the job is not that bad, other than the slow murdering of my soul part. Yesterday anouther beautiful marketing piece was met with zero appreciation, and 100% "i-see-typos-which-don't-exist-because-i-have-no-understanding-of-the-english-language." Apparently my boss does not recognize the existance of the posessive tense, which constitutes a cell-phone call in the middle of the day on my day off to say,
"Leah, we have big problems with the brochure. It says 'Steven Edward Jewelers Gallery's Anniversary Sale' and that extra apostrophy-S is a typo."
"It's not a typo; that's the posessive tense. It's our party, posessive. You would say Leah's party, not Leah party."
Pause... "No Leah, that's the correct grammar. There's no apostrophy-S because it's a proper noun."

My entire educational career flashed before my eyes, and instantly i wanted to kill myself.

I tried to relay this frustration to my parents at dinner later in the evening, but i forgot that they come strictly from the "suck-it-the-f----up" school of sympathy. I remember why i moved away, far far away, but in the end there was no getting away from the overbearing architects of my discontent. OMG, that sounds so angsty!!! I should totally start wearing black and writing on my arm! "No Way Out, NO WAY OUT" HA HA, that would be a scream!

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