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The gift that says, "I give a sh-- about you, my darling wife."

Sales have been good at the store this week, i would even say awesome, although it's gonna take a lot to convice MR BOSS that the store isn't worth closing, so for now i'm being tentative with the superlatives. There was one funny moment this morning that i cannot resist sharing, however: a customer so clueless that i thanked the Lord again for my wonderful husband who remembers not only what month i was born but also the date on which we were married. Read on and all will be explained.

So this gentleman knocks on the door at 10 of 10, before we're open, and yells, "Are you open?"
Yes, we just lock the door to make sure you REALLY want to buy jewelry, i think. i open the door for him.
"I'm looking... for a present... I have a daughter.... and also.... a wife."
"Spectacular. We have lovely gifts for both wives and daughters."
"... these birthstone things are good. They like birthstones. My daughter is October..."
"That's Opal."
"And my wife is... i think... january. ....... or february."
"You're not sure?"
"Well, it always kicks my ass, Christmas and then her birthday, so i know they're close by."
"So she's a January birthday? That's Garnet..."
"But i can't be sure, it might be in February. Shit. It's one or the other. Shit Shit Shit."
"You can't remember?"
"No, i rember it's close to Christmas. Shit. When's her f-ing birthday?"
"I'll call her sister."

Five minutes later, her sister isn't home. Neither is her mother, his mother, or her best friend. He reaches his own sister but she says she'll be damned if she knows when his wife's birthday is, why the hell don't YOU know when it is?

"Well you could take the garnet pendant if you're pretty sure her birthday is in January," i suggest.
"But it could be in February... shit, i'm gonna have to come back."
"What about the pendant for your daughter?"
"Well i don't want to get one if i can't get the other! F-it. I'll have to come back. You know, I'll probobly f-ing remember in the car. Shit. What time do you open tomorrow?"

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