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Husbands and Wives

i call Dan from work:
Leah: "Can we have a treat tonight after dinner? like cookies or some cake?"
Dan: "Sure. I'll make something tonight while i'm cooking dinner."
Hear that? It's THAT easy! Cake or cookies at my dialing fingertips! If anyone else thinks they have a better husband, they are sorely mistaken.

Actually, on the matter of good husbands, my friend Becky is getting married this June. She has a lovely husband who also bakes, is smart and witty, and happens to be in school for rocket science. He's also Black, which trumps Dan, but Dan has the advantage of being great with puppies and children, so it might be a draw. I can't wait to go to Becky's wedding, not only because it gives me something to look forward to now that i'm poor and unemployed, but also because i loooove weddings that i don't have to diet for!

And speaking of weddings.....


On Valentines Day, Dan's brother Tom asked the lovely Gabonaise Nelly to be his wife. Not only does this mean she gets to stay in the country (huray!), but hopefully we'll get to throw a big party too. Maybe i'll get to be a matron of honor!!! Tom, congratulations. Since your blushing bride is also Black, i consider myself trumped.

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