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the movie boycott starts now

I pray it's not too late to pass on this vital message: don't watch Master and Commander. Please. We saw it this afternoon; or rather, we saw some of it, cause we walked out about halfway through. It was that bad. What was wrong with it, you ask? Well, asides from the utter lack of plot, characterization and interesting things happening, it was also very noisy. On the plus side, it had one or two pretty scenes. But there are no more pluses. It's a shame cause the book (or books, really: besides the two that make up the title, there was material in the movie from at least two more O'Brian novels) is quite good. So if you already saw the movie and my warning comes too late to save you (poor soul), don't let it put you off the books, which are truly wonderful. And if you liked the movie... well, um... good for you! I guess.

And remember, this was supposed to be one of the good movies out there. I shudder to think what must be going on in theaters showing, say, The Butterfly Effect. My disgust at all things movie-related was only increased by a ad they showed before the film, hectoring the world for downloading movies off the internet. Their tag line was something like 'movies: they're worth it,' but after this experience I have to say... that is incorrect.

On an unrelated note (since Leah didn't say anything about it) you'll note that we now have a header image. Yay. It has its flaws, sure, but it's something; and I'll be improving it in the nearish future. Also, I'm trying to find out if we can add Leah as an author to this here blog, and me too, so I can have my posts signed as Danny and she as Leah. But Eric is busy and lazy in equal measures, so for now we'll have to be content with doing it like

- Danny

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