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Patriot's day wrap-up

Other than me completely f-ing up my race (41:23, more than two minutes worse than last year, sliced into a nice fat 8:17 mile) we had a pretty good Patriot's day. After the race we went over to our parent's neck of the woods to watch the annual parade. There were lots of good bands which Dan really liked, and i like to watch the baton-twirlers, especially the chubby ones in sequins. There is a window of a few years when young fat girls will still don sequins and feel special. This is before they realize the world and weight-watchers are out to crush their spirit. During that time there may also be spandex; It's magical to watch! It's also fun taking in the crowd that gathers around the parade route. Patriot's day is a sacred holiday in Massachusetts, and everyone celebrates by letting their kids eat fried dough and dive for candy in the street when it's thrown from floats. Hurah!

As for the botched race, next time i won't make the fatal mistakes of biking six miles to the race first, and also eating non-stop the day before, and generally acting like an all-around fatass. However, there is good news! Since upon coming home i was so sad and demoralized at my own general failure, Dan crawled around on the floor of our bedroom until he found my lost earring! It was hiding in the lint under the radiator. He's the best!


That's Leah's wrapup. Mine will be different, if I manage to stay awake long enough to write it!

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