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On the way home from a walk...

Our neighbor yells over her fence that her 2-year-old son want's to say hi to Rascal. As he pets the dog, the mother stops to talk to me.
"How are you guys doing?"
"Good, we're just coming back from a long walk with Rascal."
"Hey, you got a baby growing in that belly?"
"What? Um, No, not yet."
"I keep wondering when it's going to happen."
"Um, well, i'm not planning on any time soon."
"Hey, when you do decide to have a baby, come on over here and I'll talk you out of it."

Excuse me, but what happened to the days of "Oh, i'm sorry i just insinuated that you look like a big fatass." Hello?!
When did it become okay to point out a neighbors protruding gut in the name of gynocological concern? This is the third person this year who has asked me if i'm pregnant. WTF, people? From here on in, i'm swearing off bad posture, loose dresses, and eating.


That's funny...I like the part where your neighbor wants to talk you out of having babies. I wonder what that conversation would be like. Detailed description of the pain of childbirth? Or just having you babysit for a full 24 hours or more.

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