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Tomorrow is the 29th of April, a day on which i traditionally receive money and attempt suicide. Tomorrow, however, i have an afternoon appointment at Illusions Hair Design for a cut and foil, and i'm afraid i won't be able to keep up with tradition. Who can swallow all those pills while looking in the mirror at perfectly blond hair?

Anyway, to celebrate the colossal failure that has been my life, Dan's parents are taking us out to dinner this evening. We're going to a Thai restaurant in Belmont, which is problematic for Dan seeing as he's the ONLY PERSON IN AMERICA who doesn't like Thai food. He says he just doesn't like it.. What's not to like? I say. He says he prefers his vegetables all mashed up together, as opposed to retaining their individual tastes. But he'll eat a whole side of broccoli just as well as the next guy, so what's the problem?

I secretly think that sometime long ago Dan had a bad date at a Tai restaurant and he's been taking it out on the world ever since. Still, that shouldn't stop someone from enjoying a whole ethnicity of coconuty flavor! Heck, i went on a first date and a last date with a long-term boyfriend in two Thai restaurants, and boy did we hate each other by the end of the relationship, but we LOVED us some Thai food! ("The sight of your face disgusts me, but can you pass the tofu triangles and peanut dipping sauce?")

There is only one thing more lifegiving in this world than curry, and that's coconut curry. With brown rice. And spring rolls. Diet and self-deprecation starts monday, suckaz!


and don't forget the sticky rice with mango and Thai iced tea! (especially if you can get the Thai iced tea with coconut milk instead of cream or normal milk...soooooo good!)

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