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rural santa monica

So we live in the middle of the city here, as you can tell by our address: 17th Street, eh. But when I look out the window from where I'm sitting now, it could be out in the country for all I can tell; that is, if I ignore the little bits of apartments peeking up over the trees on the other side of the highway there. And from our bed, which is very low (more in the nature of a matress, really), things look even more rural: all we can see is a very country-lookin telephone pole, a few palm tree tops, and the peak of a tile roof.

Even when you actually look around, our neighborhood seems a little more rural then you'd expect; I think it's because of how deserty it is in LA. The plants are not, I don't think, what I expect in a city. And there are also little traces of the old resort town Santa Monica used to be, in the little detached bungalos with their cute little lawns and gardens and chain link fences. I wouldn't go so far as to say they look out of place, crammed in between a car dealership and an auto-body shop, but no more would they look out of place on the end of a lonely dirt road.

All in all, it's an interesting effect.

- Dan

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