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The voice of one crying in the wilderness

Someone in my church lent me the entire first season of Joan of Arcadia on DVD. You know the problem with a season shows on DVD? They're all there. All the shows. Right there on the DVD. One after the other.

Needless to say, we've watched five 45-minute shows in the last two days. If you don't know anything about Joan of Arcadia, it's a show about a girl who gets regular visits from God in the form of different people, and God tells her to do things, like take AP Chem or have a yard sale. The story-lines are very amusing and touching, and the reasoning of God's meddling is always nicely revealed by the end of the episode. I asked Dan if he'd like it if God was always telling him what to do, and he said, "YES!" Me too, when i think about it. In fact, i WISH God would tell me exactly what to do. At least i'd know i was doing SOMETHING right.

Sure, God told us some stuff to do a long time ago, like Judge not lest ye be judged, but i'm talking more practical stuff like "should i quit my job tomorrow?"

Well, should I?

After five hours, all that teen drama has left me feeling like i'm getting a certain message from God: "Turn off the friggin TV and do your homework!"

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