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At the shoe store

salesman: "Can i help you?"
customer: "No.... i just wanted to get some shoes..."
salesman: "Well, can i help you then? Because that pretty much sounds like one hundred percent of my job description."

customer: "I didn't know you sold shoes here!"
salesman: "What did you think we sold?"
customer: "You know, just sneakers."

salesman: "Can i help you find anything?"
customer: "No, I'm just looking. You don't have any walking shoes?"
salesman: "We sure do, right here in the walking section."
customer: "Oh, thank you, but i'm just looking right now. You don't have any waterproof walking shoes?"
salesman: "We sure do, they're right here on the bottom shelf."
customer: "Oh, i don't need to see them now. You don't have these in a size 9?"
salesman: "How about i bring them to you."
customer: "Oh no, i'm really just looking today. Do they run true to size?"
salesman: "Would you like to try them on?"
customer: "Oh no, i don't think so. Thank you for your time."


Wow...that's quite the intellectual work environment, isn't it?

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