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Oh i'm clever. Oh the cleverness of me.

Dan added a new feature to the blog today, a list of months on the bottom left of the page which lets you read every post that was posted in a certain month. To celebrate, i went back and read some of what this "Leah" girl has been writing the past few years, and BOY did she have some funny things to say! What a cutting wit! What passively-offensive insight! Dan rolled his eyes each time i kackled from the corner.
"Really, Leah. You wrote those things. Don't you remember them?"
"I just really like my own sense of humor!"


Leah is humorously misinformed. Dedicated readers will, of course, observe that the monthly archives were always there; they were there when we used Movable Type and I put em in when I originally created the SBS here. What's new is that I put in navigation links between the months, so if you're so inclined you can start at the beginning and read right through the blog, without having to remember what month you're on to find the next month in the sidebar links. Unfortunately, when I told her about it she was too busy laughing at her own past posts to pay any attention to my explanation.

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