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Today is a very special day. It was thirty years ago today, you see, that my dear love Danny shuffled onto this mortal coil. And we're all very glad that he did, because now he gives nice things to the earth, like blog networks and cute smiles. Happy birthday Danny!!! Maybe later after his partaay Dan will write if he got anything good for his birthday.


Dan write more on this blog? But Leah does all the good ones :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! And ignore Josh, your blog entries are great too. :)

And for a completely unrelated comment: I was watching Heroes last night and thought of you, Leah..cause I made a connection! The new morphing chic is the same actress who was the main character in that gymnastics movie, Stick It! At least, that's what I think...sure looked like the same person to me, but I don't have your same powers so I might be wrong.

Thanks! Thanks Oona, anyways. And I sure did get something good. Oh man, did I ever!!

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