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wherein i reveal multiple layers of geekiness

Oona's comment on yesterday's blog post reminded me: CAN YOU F-ING BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED ON HEROS LAST NIGHT???!!!!!
I mean, so okay, i'm no frame-by-frame geek, but here's what we got so far.

We find out that "The Initiative" (the Buffy-referencing name i've chosen for the paper-factory-running secret army) is secretly run by Linderman. Either that, or Linderman is a good guy not connected to the initiative, on the same side as the Patrellis, who can't be bad because at least one of them speaks French, and the Haitian, who too speaks french but not that amazingly. I mean, he's good at it, but it's not that amazing that he speaks it.

(Also, typing that nationality totally reminds me of anouther throw-back quote: "... so if we could just haul ass to the kitchen, rearrange some things, we could totally party with the Haitians. And in conclusion, it does NOT say RSVP on the statue of Liberty!")

Also, Claire's dad is totally in trouble, thanks to this new X-man i-mean-hero, let's just call her Mystique, who is by-the-way a total bitch! And do you think everytime they want to solve some tiny problem in the show they're gonna introduce anouther character deux-ex-machina style. Oh crap, she's dead but we need her to still be alive for a bit, bring in a new hero!

Also bad news: Peter Patrelli got his lock of hair lobbed off, but i bet he can use Claire's skills to grow it back.

i dunno. i'll have to watch it again and report more. Scoobies on the trail!


ok, I have to admit that the Patrelli momma's french accent made me wince (sorry, but that was painful).

And is it just me, or are they adding twice as much blood with each episode?!?! heroes is starting to become one big violent and bloody mess...and yet I can't stop watching it ;)

It was pretty bloody, but what Leah and I objected to most in that last episode was the gratuitous spinal-fluid sampling. Big needles, ick ick ick!

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