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We have a blog???

I've been so busy working on this other blog network for work, that i totally forgot we have our own blog to maintain! But... since blogging about forgetting to blog is like the most booring thing evar, here is a funny story.

We hosted a party saturday evening to celebrate the end of the semester; it was a BBQ featuring the traditional hamburgers and hot-dogs, along with lots of other food which cost us over a hundred bucks (this part is not so much funny as it is sad.) Anyway, the hamburgers were a bit more popular than the hot-dogs, partly because the vegetarian version were home-made black-bean burgers, and the veggie version of the hotdogs were disgusting rectangles of tofu dyed slightly brownish in color. After the party ended, we cleaned up all the extras and put the leftovers in the fridge.

Now this was Saturday. Fast forward to today when i stepped outside to hang up the laundry and i stepped on, STEPPED ON a cold hot-dog with a single bite taken out of it. A COLD HOT-DOG WITH A SINGLE BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT. Now, how you think it would feel to step on? That's exectly how it feels. Like a cold hot dog. with a bite taken out of it. Like a cold hot dog that has not only been out in the rain, but in somebody's mouth, and it was too gross to even eat the rest of it, so they threw it back on the porch. And me in my bare feat. Yeah, it was gross.

The big question of the story is, where did it come from? It wasn't there when we cleaned up on Saturday. Could an animal have taken it out of the trash, but it was even too gross for a racoon to eat? Possibly. It was that gross to step on.

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