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Our trip to the Concord River: an artist rendering

Today we took a trip to the Concord River and drama ensued. Dan said he wished he had a camera, he was so sad we didn't bring the camera. So I promised him i would draw the events for our readership.

First Rascal jumped into the river to chase a stick.

But then he just kept going.

Dan suggested he might drift all the way to Lowell.

Neither of us were wearing baithing suits.

I jumped in and swam as fast as I could.

I swam and swam and was panicked that I would lose him, he was so far off.

Luckily, Rascal paddled out of the current stream to the protection of some trees.

And then swam all the way back to Dan who was waiting on the shore.

I never touched Rascal in the water, but I think he appreciated my moral support.

When I came out of the water I was freezing and wet. I was wearing a long cotton t-shirt and shorts.

Dan said, "I wish I had a camera."


Awesome! Nice illustrations Leah!

This is one of the best sketches that I have ever seen. You should make it public.

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