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scrapin' by

In order to save money, Dan and i have decided to paint our house ourselves this summer. Well, just one wall of the house actually, the wall on which the paint is peeling due to the handywork a rogue steam pipe. The rest of the house we are going to leave for a few years until we are a bit richer and can pay some other people to risk their lives hanging from ladders all over our property. People who don't speak too much english. You know, so the fear of them dying of a fall from great heights is not so strong.

Turns out scraping even one side of your house completely is not an easy task. After fifteen minutes the points on both our scrapers wore down, and by our demenor one could tell that both Dan and I blamed the other for this. Now Dan is off to Home Depot buying a heat gun and better scraping blades. Two days and $120 and counting. This is just like one of those home-improvement shows. Except without the montage. What i wouldn't give for a montage right about now.


yay! Leah's back...good luck with the painting guys!

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