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High School Musical 2

Wow. How can i describe this horrible monstrosity of shopertainment? With the pop tart songs written by committee, or possibly a malevolent robot? And hair color extremes which rival the cartoon series Doug?

I guess Dan said it best during the jackson-esque number when our hero twirls around in a tight black T-shirt and his extra-blue contac lenses. To quote my husband, "This movie is full of gay."

Also, when the mean hotel manager told the employees that they can't do their long-rehearsed group dance number at the end of summer country club talent show, i turned to Dan and said, "NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!!!" And Dan was like, "What? Who's Baby?" Oh, i guess it still has to be fresh for someone.


that's right!!! Nobody puts baby in a corner!!! and speaking of Dirty Dancing..which makes me think of MHC...I keep running into current MHCers or recent alums. weird.

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