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Notes on the Cape Cod Marathon

Before i started training for this marathon, i thought that running a marathon was like a mystical goal... something so challenging that only a sub-set of extra-super-hard-core humans could accomplish it. It turns out that a marathon is just like any other road race, only wicked longer. And considerably more boring. My official time isn't posted yet, but according to my watch I finished just under 4:19. Have you ever exercised for over four hours straight? It's not so much hard as it is a really long time.

But all in all I had a great time, and Dan and Rascal were the BEST SUPPORT CREW EVAR!!!!! Well, it's not totally true that i had a great time. I had a great time up until mile 20, and then the next two miles were significantly uncomfortable, and then the last four miles were like those nightmares that you sometimes have when you're trying to get away from something but can't run any faster. Only with more knee pain. But i had a great time being finished!!! And then i had a good time sleeping from 4:30pm till this morning.

I'm not so sore today except for going up and down stairs. Well, good think i work in front of a computer!!!


And I forgot to mention in my last comment that you looked excellent in pink...leave it to you to look stylish while running a marathon!

That pink shirt was actually unplanned: i hadn't anticipated it being so cold at the start of the race, and that shirt was the only long-sleeve tech-top i had on me. But i was glad to hand off the shirt to Dan the first time i saw him. It gets hot once you start running! You can see in the later pictures that i'm only wearing the white singlet. And that hot sexy fanny pack!!!

yay for fanny packs! ;)

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