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the V stands for Very yummy

To celebrate Valentine's day today, Dan made a delicious feast of French toast and eggs, and we walked the dog together... twice!!! Then we worked one our respective computers and I went to a class at school and also to the gym and Dan went to babysit. So, you know, like every day except with delicious egg-soaked bread!

No, i kid, it was very romantic. Dan bought me flowers and i made him an embroidered pocket kerchief, and he cleaned the living room for me and i cleaned the kitchen for him, which is how you say "i love you" when you're a grown up and you tend to leave your alloted rooms all messy. Also, Dan made me a card with some very elegant cut-outs of flowers on it, and he wrote on the card, "My love for you grows and grows," and even though i think maybe he wrote that after he decided to cut cut-outs of flowers to find something to say that matched the flowers, i think it was just about the sweetest thing he could have wrote on a card. Because my love for him grows and grows too. Like every day. It's like the magic of being married.

Happy Valentines day single losers!!!! Enjoy your care-free promiscuity while you can!!!!!!


can my promiscuities not have cares?

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