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Barack Obama fixed your leaky sink

Did we already mention this website on the blog? I can't remember, but it was mentioned today on the economist blog, and also i thought of it as my neighbor Mike came over to fix our leaky sink (he's an actual plumber, not just a random guy who does stuff better than us around the house!) He's going to replace the faucet tomorrow with a new one, which is a big relief to my nerves, which are just about shot this week and can't handle the water-filled sponges piled up on the kitchen floor. You see, the sponges were under the sink in their new-sponge bag, and then the sink leaked from underneath, and then... guess what happened! Anyway, a good plumber is like a good presidential candidate. He comes into a rough situation and makes everything feel okay again. "Barack Obama smiled when I mentioned your name." That's my favorite one. That and "Barack Obama came to see your play" and "Barack Obama skated here all the way from the beach just to see you," but i can't seem to get that last one too often. Also, maybe even though it's a send-up of the reverent tenor of the movement, my simple human psychology can't help but smile when i click on a new one. Like "Barack Obama thought that you could use some chocolate." Oh, that's really sweet!


My favorite is, "Barack Obama wanted you to have some cupcakes."

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