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To my Valentines.

I fell in love with dan in 1993. I was twelve years old. Dan was the cutest boy on our block, if not in the whole entire universe. He had long silky blond bangs that flopped in his face in a fashion that was mesmerizing.

a young danny with the long sexy hair

makin all the ladies swoon

To my credit, I was also stunningly attractive.

12-year-old Leah at her BatMitzvah

too sexy for this mitzvah

(Visual proof that 1993 was actually in the '80s.)

It was a time of great bangitude (of the hair variety). I twirled around my bedroom singing "Leah Archibald... Leah Archibald..."

I guess this is not so cute sounding now... now that it's written on my business cards.

On March 5th 1993 Dan and I we went on a date to Chadwicks WITH HIS PARENTS. At Dan's prompting I ordered a Turkey club, even though I had absolutely no idea what that was. Honestly, I expected something out of the Flintstones to arrive on the dinner table. Instead came a sandwich with so many layers of bread that I could have broken my jaw putting my mouth around it.

That was the first of many exciting things that Dan would introduce me to. Like mountain biking. And fried eggs. And the internet.

Ten years and one month later, Dan and I sat in my college dorm room, trying to figure out what to do in the face of my obstinate plans to move to LA. "I don't want to go through all the trouble dating you," Dan said, "If we don't plan on getting married."
"Okay," I said. "So let's get married."
Dan said, "I'll see if the church is free next weekend."


So Dan moved out to LA and started this blog.

On September 4th 2005 we were married. I weighed 115 pounds. I just wanted to slip that in here because it will never happen again. A month later our lives changed irreperably forever. We visited the animal shelter in Sterling MA and spotted a mangey looking pup cowering in the corner. "That's ours!" Dan said. We took him home and became a family.

he was much smaller

he was much smaller

Then in June 2009 we got made an even bigger family with the addition of Harvey Douglas.

8 days old, ready for his catalogue shoot

8 days old, ready for his catalogue shoot

Harvey Douglas Archibald. A name I hadn't thought to fantasize about 17 years ago. He brings on all sorts of new dreams for the future. Primary among them, is that he grows up to look like my Danny.

young dan on the tire swing

free to be you and me

And lets his bangs fly in the breeze.

Happy Valentine's day.


Partying like it's 1999

This past weekend Dan and I attended my ten year high school reunion. This is an event that I had been eagerly anticipating due to the fact that I was extremely popular in high school. Don't believe me? Just take a gander at page 2 of my high school yearbook:

Yes, that's me. The cropped and ironed hair is just the icing on the extremely popular cake. But wait, you ask, what is that glint in her eye? Is it youthful naiveté? the audacity of hope? Caffeine and diet pills? Here, I'll show you a close-up:

That, my friends, is what awesome looked like in 1999. And perhaps still today.. that grey button-down shirt is still in my closet. Vintage!

My 10 year reunion was held in a bar downtown. I, befitting my honorary title of coolest member of the graduating class of 2009, showed up a full hour before anyone else. I, you see, had to greet the other cool kids as they arrived. That and being too cool to normally attend parties held in bars in Boston's financial district, I was following the rule of half-hour-fashionably late, as opposed to two-hours-fashionably late which seems to be the norm among my classmates. I did have some nice chats with other parents before slipping out to relieve the babysitter, which means I left before the full on orgy started. But seriously, if you're just arriving at midnight while I'm heading out, then you just don't DESERVE to see baby pictures on my iphone. YOU'VE MISSED YOUR CHANCE!

But before my early departure I did manage to have some good chats with my former classmates. And in case they didn't notice just how exceptionally hot I'm looking these days, I made sure to remind them that I just had a baby. I JUST HAD A BABY. OH HOW ARE YOU? I JUST HAD A BABY. And if that didn't elicit the necessary "You're looking good" from my counterpart, then I casually dropped something like: YOU LOOK GREAT! I JUST LOST 45 POUNDS!

All in all the reunion was a very life-affirming experience, particularly in affirming my choice of husband. All the boys I had crushed on in high school are now either a) fat, b) homeless musicians, or c) refusing to marry their long-term girlfriends. Not a single one is as cute as my Danny, and none would be gleefully changing diapers at 2 in the morning were fate altered.

So here's a toast to being popular in a different way these days.... to being the shoulder that baby most wants to spit on, to having the hottest legs that a puppy could want to sleep on, to hair that's neither cropped nor ironed nor barely even combed and yet my husband still calls me pretty. And to still fitting into shirts that I wore in high school. Even if they are a little grungy.