cold season

It's turned chilly around here, just as I expect for mid-October. We do still have the bedroom window open and haven't frozen in our beds yet, but the nip in the air definitely presages the coming winter. There was even ice on my car window this morning, which I thought was rather strange as the temperature wasn't anywhere near freezing; obviously it was some sort of local effect.

Of course, in the education business cold weather means one thing, and indeed the sniffles are out in full force among the third graders. The tissue box was full the middle of last week, and now it's empty—and the tissue consumption ratio only accounts for those children who don't wipe their noses on their sleeves or their hands (happily a small percentage in this class, it seems). Some teachers are very concerned—not to say paranoid—about preserving their own health, and refuse to go anywhere near the little ones without surgical gloves and, I don't know, burning sulfur held in a brazier, but no such precautions are necessary to me. After all, today's kids get sent to school with an individual-sized bottle of Purell hand-sanitizer, so how germy can they possibly be?!

Two days of cold weather and I maintain my good health. Check back for updates as they develop.