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There's this commercial on TV now that always makes me cry. It's for Petsmart.

See, there's this doschund, a long skinny doggy, who has a long skinny toy who's shaped just like he is. And the doggy carries the toy with him everywhere he goes, to the park, to the car, to the vet, banging on each one of the stairs ba-dump ba-dump. [tears of love and companionship starting to well up in my eyes]

But the toy gets dirtier and dirtier and worner and worner, until one day when the puppy is sleeping, his mommy takes the toy out of his mouth and throws it in the trash. [Real tears flowing now]

But then, the mommy and the doggy go to Petsmart, and the Petsmart worker says to the puppy, "Where's Bobo? [lump swelling in throat]

And THEN, the mommy buys the puppy a NEW Bobo, and the puppy is so happy that they have to run him over the scanner because he will not take Bobo out of his mouth! [SOBS OF JOY!!!]

When i told Dan about this commercial, i punctuated the story screaming through my tears: "YOU SEE! The Petsmart worker KNEW the doggy, and KNEW he had a Bobo, and THAT'S why he said 'Where's Bobo?' AND THEN, they got him a NEW BOBO!!!!!"


gets me every time.


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