more early fall moments

Not as much time to write as I'd like, but enough to take pictures. After the party the boys were happy to have the tables around to enjoy.

Zion, Harvey, and a friend playing a board game on a party table outside

tables outside in beautiful weather

There are lots of things you can do with tables.

Harvey and Zion pulling Lijah sled-style on an overturned table

mush, you huskies!

The weather last weekend was cold in the mornings and hot mid day; hard to know what to wear first thing.

Zion and Harvey walking in the woods; Harvey with winter jacket

morning walk... shorts or winter coat?

It was plenty warm last Saturday for the local church's Apple Fest.

a display of pumpkins at a church fair

pumpkins for the apple fest

And whatever the weather, we like to spend time by the water whenever we can.

Harvey and Lijah by the shore of Spy Pond at sunset

still ponding


this moment

Harvey sitting on the porch floor using a ruler to measure distance on a string

measuring the time line

A moment from the week.

model children

Zion modeling his sweatshirt

sweatshirt model

Grandma Beth bought the boys new sweatshirts yesterday, just in time for the cool weather. They've been wearing them steadily since.

Harvey modeling his new sweatshirt

the original model

They look so cute and preppy I wanted to take some pictures of them. Only the light wasn't very good this morning, so in order to make the shots catalog-worthy I had to do some filtering. Like you do.

Lijah with his new sweatshirt

too little to model properly

Pretty good looking! Thanks, Grandma!

Zion modeling his sweatshirt with his hood down

cutest 4-year-old


graduation day

Lijah had his last early intervention visit this morning (at 7:15 it was certainly early intervention). A few weeks ago he had his annual re-evaluation and it turns out he can do all the things—especially talk, which was a little bit of a surprise to us. When you're following a pair of brothers who were saying full sentences before 18 months you've maybe got some unrealistic expectations to live up to. But the professionals know better, and they told us that he didn't need any more help from them. Which is good, I suppose; though you sure can get used to someone coming by your house once a week with a bag full of toys!

It seems like the biggest thing with Lijah is that he wanted more direct instruction in lots of areas than we had been giving him. I guess there were some distractions that kept us from paying as much attention to him as we should have? But even back when he was just a little guy trying to learn to sit up, he caught on super quick once the developmental specialist showed him how it was done. Then his PT taught him how to walk, and he learned to wave it play group... See, it does take a village: a village of professionals! We're very grateful.

When we first started posting about early intervention, we ran into angry objections from a (distant) friend who worried we were forever stigmatizing our little guy be revealing that he needed help. We never would have thought of that: our neighborhood pals are uniformly pro-intervention, and all happily shared their positive stories with us as we waited (not very long) for Lijah to get services. Which I think is how it should be. It's a weakness to not be able to accept help, and we feel only fortunate to have been in a position to be helped by the fine folks at Minute Man Arc. And it wasn't Lijah's problem anyways, it was ours! I feel like it would be wrong not to share our experience: believing that intervention is in any way stigmatizing will only keep people from getting the services they need.

So: Lijah needed help from early intervention, because his parents weren't giving him the feedback he was looking for. They helped him out! And now he's all our job again, but he can sit, and walk, and even dance!

Lijah standing next to the stage at church during worship; the bass player is looking at him

just being part of worship

And also distract bass players...


late September

How many days do you start out in winter hats and end up with a swim in the pond? Yay for September.

Harvey in the nearly empty waters of Walden pond

fall swimming

It really was cold this morning. 34, according to the weather ap on my phone—though all the plants were fine, so it can't have been that cold for long. But we did dig into the closet to get ready for the drive to church.

the boys in their car seats wearing winter hats

and with the heat on

But by early afternoon it was pleasant, or even hot, so the pond seemed like the place to be. Even when inertia kept us home until 4:00, we were still ready for some time in the water. A little time.

Zion and Julen playing in the sand by the water

out of the water

It was great being at the pond with no ropes and not many people. Harvey and I had plenty of space to splash and play in the water, and Zion had room to roam on the shore.

Zion pushing the big toy truck accross the sand

a long way to go

It was the place to be for two lovely hours. Fall? So far so good.

Harvey standing in front of the pond and the late-afternoon sun

late September