this moment

the grill smoking away on the green grass with the family gathered round

another evening, another fire

A moment from the week.


the wisteria flowering on the trellis

May flowers

Gardening is all about waiting for the reward, and some things make you wait longer than others. Like asparagus. Or, even more so, wisteria. It took ours ages to get established (slower because I didn't give it anything to climb for years) and, of course, it only blooms for a couple weeks of the year—the rest of the time it tries to get in the windows and tear the siding off the house. But the flowers are nice.

And not only for the visual impact: they smell wonderful too. It's been warm enough to have the fans on most nights lately, and their perfume blowing in through the windows is just the thing to fall asleep to.

Leah smelling a wisteria flower


And when they're done in a few days there will be something else to enjoy.


salesmanship at the lemonade stand

I biked home from church on Sunday, since I had to stay later than the rest of the family. Besides giving me a few more items to add to my list of judgements, riding the entire length of the bike path on a sunny Sunday afternoon offered an insight into the entrepreneurial spirit of the youth of America as it manifests itself in that classic of childhood capitalism, the lemonade stand. As I went along I noticed at least four optimistic youngsters who had set out stalls along the way. I didn't stop at any of them myself, since I was headed to a birthday party, but I slowed long enough to compare their offerings. Two stood out as a comparison of what to do and not to do in the trail-side drink sector.

A teenage boy, slouched in a lawn chair alongside the path, in the middle of a moderate stretch between street crossings, was offering bottles of "ice-cold" water for a dollar each. He may have had headphones on. Two elementary school girls had their stand set up in the center of Lexington just before an intersection, and were standing up and encouraging passers-by to try a glass of their 50-cent lemonade, of which they had a big pitcher. You can probably guess who was doing more business.

Our own boys were doing some selling on Friday with their friend from next door. Set up on our front walk, they weren't likely to see much foot traffic, but on the other hand they were unavoidable for anyone who wanted to come into our house. Harvey and Zion were selling "something like lemonade" for a dollar a glass (a small glass!), while their friend offered cups of water for ten dollars each (water which her mother reported she'd been stirring with her hands; though that wasn't part of her pitch).

Harvey and Zion (both looking grumpy) with a friend and their lemonade stand

do cheerful faces bring in more customers?

I don't know where either of those stand in comparison to the extremes of the last paragraph, but Harvey must have been doing something right, because he ended the day with two dollars in his pocket. He used it to buy a kite, and it really works!


sunday summer evening

After a busy busy day, our house was the place to be this evening. For kids, at any rate. Not much before 5:00 they started playing in the sprinkler (or not playing, as it happened; but the sprinkler was involved in their game).

the boys and a friend playing under the trees by the fence, with the sprinkler going on the lawn

hiding from the sprinkler

Then we built a fire (and I need to brag: it was all with things we picked up from around the yard and just one match).

Harvey poking a stick into the fire in the kettle grill

what fire is for is poking

I denied the immediate request for marshmallows, but after further reflection I couldn't resist, and they toasted nicely in the coals.

Zion and a friend sitting in the chair by the smokey coals

after marshmallows

It was all lovely; the only problem is all that summer fun pushes bedtime pretty late. How do you think the boys will do tomorrow after not going down until 9:00? I guess we'll see!


this moment

swimsuited Zion and nudie Lijah lying on Mama in the grass

summer cuddle

A moment from the week.