some sort of April fools

So I'm not much for April Fools Day and I generally ignore it. But there was something going on this morning that I feel obliged to mention. See, it was our trash day, and I put the trash out last night like a responsible householder; but this morning, when I went out to dispose of some additional trash, I noticed that many, if not all, of our neighbors, had their recycle bins out. Now, we get recycling picked up every two weeks, and I could have sworn that I'd done it last week--and I had a half-empty recylce bin to prove it. And yet, the bins of my neighbors were all full to bursting. I asked Leah for her thoughts, but as she expressed her complete ignorance on the subject I was on my own.

I went so far as to take the recycling downstairs, but in the end I thought how foolish I, and my house, would look if that bin were sitting there all day. So I brought it back up. And I was vindicated in the end! because when I got home all those bins were still sitting out there. So I don't know exactly what happened, but I have a strong suspicion it was a scheme concocted by the neighbors to confuse me and make us look silly. A nefarious plot, in other words. Thank goodness I saw through their machinations.