a predictable disaster

Not so long after I took the picture of the Easter basket that appears elsewhere in these pages, a few of the eggs met what can only be described as their untimely demise. The basket was on the coffee table, where sadly it was within range of the mighty tail of Freckles the St. Bernard. It is my sad duty to provide the updated picture below.

And we didn't paint any new eggs this year, either, so we're going to have to work extra hard next year to get that basket filled back up!

some changes needed

By the way, I really need to change the snow theme we've got going on here. Why? Well, remember back in January when I first put it up I said it was a wish for snow... and that wish came true. Now here we are almost to Patriots Day, and the snow continues to come down (along with all kinds of rain and slushy ice). Clearly, I am responsible for this state of affairs, and need to get to work on rectifying it. Expect a flowery Spring look by the end of the weekend.