intergenerational hoedown

There was a talent show at our church this evening, and it was a grand time for all ages—kids, old folks, and regular-aged people like us. The theme was "talking bout my generation", so participants were asked to showcase songs from the eras of their youth. We were tasked with representing not only the 90s but the 80s as well, despite the fact that of our quintet of "young people" only Alan and I reached a double-digit year before the end of the latter decade. Really, our prime period for pop-music was right around 1992-1994. Nevertheless!

Our 90s tune was a soulful rendition of Nirvana's "All Apologies", but any 90s-era angst we created was counteracted by the next group of young performers, who remembered the decade of their birth by leading the audience in the Macarena. Our 80s turn was next, and we did Bobby McFarrin's "23rd Psalm", fine—but then we followed it up with a special presentation (not in your program this evening!) of Madonna's "Like A Prayer". It went over well.

Everybody was really good, though, from the grade-schoolers singing Hannah Montana to the quintet who presented "White Cliffs of Dover" and "Last Time I Saw Paris". It sure was nice to see everyone having a good time together, and it really gives you hope for the future of society. Even if our music is still the best.