endless hours of entertainment

I don't know if I'm just getting old or what, but I can't stay up for the baseball games like I used to. Some years ago, I seem to recall, I listened to nearly every game right to the end, but this year last night—the 15th game of the season—was the first night game I stuck with til its conclusion. Why? Post-7:00 start times and three-and-a-half hour games I think have something to do with it. Take today: it's past 9:00 and we're still in the top of the fifth! It's an exciting game, bank-and-forth Sox vs. Yanks, and still my eyelids are drooping.

What should MLB do about this deplorable situation? Make me drink coffee, I suppose. I am afraid I am no longer the target audience for professional sports, or indeed prime-time entertainment in general (including this political debate entertainment that I hear is taking place this evening), nor is anyone who hopes to go to bed at a reasonable hour. And folks have to go to work! Is all of America chronically sleep-deprived? Or at least, all of the East Coast? Clearly one option is to move back to California.

Or the pitchers could just, you know, throw the ball without holding it for a minute and a half between pitches. It does build tension, though!