I am an old person

Forget the gray hairs, I had to get up two times to go to the bathroom last night! Of course, the Passover wine may also have had something to do with that.

baby I can drive my car

I have driven my car very little over the past two or three months. There are two reasons for this, and as it happens they reinforced each other to form one unstoppable super-reason. Briefly, when I stopped student teaching I didn't really need to go anywhere that required a car more than once or twice a week, so consequently I neglected to renew my inspection sticker or change my oil for rather longer than perhaps was prudent. With a sticker that had expired in January and an oil tank (or whatever it is) that should have been refilled at about the same time, I was even less inclined to take to the roadways. And when I was forced to by circumstances, it was a nervous time, what with fears of being pulled over or having my engine leap out of the car like in those commercials for motor oil. You know the ones I mean.

However, the situation is now reversed! I got my inspection sticker (with considerably less drama than last time) and my oil, and I celebrated by driving 30 miles round trip to get new boots. The call of the open road, baby! Actually, I felt kind of bad about that. Shouldn't there be a bootery located more conveniently close to Bedford? But there is not. Still, now whenever we go anywhere I'm all like, "I'll drive! I'll drive! Let's take my car!" It's nice to have it back.