more vigil antics

We just got back from another Maundy Thursday vigil at church. This year Leah was the first person to the sign-up list and got us a better time spot than we managed last time we did it (see, it took us two years to recover from staying up that late). I think the prayer vigil is a great chance to consider the human side of Easter, as it might be called; that is, we can imagine what it might have been like for Jesus's disciples over the last evening of his life. I think that's something that we tend not to think about as much as we maybe should. If you agree, but don't have the time to sit around a church for an hour at night, I can recommend two books that touch on the subject (and are also both great reads: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis (of course) and The Instance of the Fingerpost by Iain Pears. The second especially would be required reading for me every holy week, if only it weren't so long. Good stuff.

not morning sickness, all-day sickness

Last Sunday at church i felt awful. I felt too nauseous to eat anything for breakfast, and when stood up in church i got a head rush, felt faint, and had to sit down. A woman in the row behind me asked if everything was okay, and i said, "Yes, i'm fine, i just got a little nauseous."
She replied, "Oh, you're pregnant!"
By the time the service was over the rumor had spread. "Congratulations!" said anouther woman as i walked out the door.
"Oh, i'm not pregnant." I said.
"You're pregnant???!!!" asked anouther woman.
"No, i'm not pregnant. I just got a little faint." i said.
"Are you sure you're not pregnant?"

So persistant were these interlopers that i had to purchase a pregnancy test on the way home from church.
"I'd better be pregnant," I said to Dan as i walked in the door, "Because i had to go to two stores to find this thing, and it cost me eleven bucks!"

Turns out, i'm not pregnant. I was, however, coming down with the flu which has had me bed-ridden for almost a week. On monday i woke up realizing i had a high fever and felt completely awful. "At least all this faint-ness has a cause," i thought, "The next option was cancer!"

The next time i feel like i might be pregnant, i'm going to head right over to my doctor and get some antiretroviral drugs. The percent chance of my birth-control failing, multiplied by the percent chance of Dan and I having sex, multiplied by the percent chance that the day we had sex and the birth-control failed i was actually fertile, equals a high probability that it's just the flu.

Sorry church ladies.