early to rise: the revenge!

So I think I'm going crazy: I heard sprinklers this morning, early this morning; like at about four in the morning. I thought it might have been ours going off for some reason, maybe because of the power outage we had yesterday, so I went to turn em off. Only if it was sprinklers it wasn't ours, and when I went back to be I couldn't go to sleep. And I couldn't go to sleep for, like, an hour, and finally I gave up. At least I got some things done when I was awake. But I don't think it'll work in the long term.

In other news, I went to Fire and Ice for lunch today. Fire and Ice is a trendy chain where they save money on menu planning by just giving you a whole buffet of raw food that you pick out and give to the cooks who stand in the middle of the restaurant. Then they cook it on this giant skillet they have there. It was kind of fun, and my food ended up tasting good, but I was very nervous putting it together. I enjoy cooking myself, sure, but when I'm at out to eat I generally enjoy the efforts of the chef.

I plan on sleeping well tonight.