Ithaca is gorges!

For a while my most-commented-upon article of clothing was my Pom-pom shirt, but I believe it has now been eclipsed by a shirt my brother gave me, featuring the classic 'Ithaca is gorges' slogan. It may be because I've been wearing it more these days, or it may be that Homestar Runner is fading in popularity; or maybe it's just that everybody has a soft spot in their heart for the best little haven of socialism in upstate New York. Everyone who's been there, that is. No one else has any idea what the shirt, the slogan or the city is all about.

The comment I got today came at the Farmers Market, which is apropriate. The Lexington Farmers Market, even, which was instituted this year; and what a pleasant institution it is! There should be Farmers Markets every night of the week, for two reasons. One, what a great thing to get fresh organic food at a human price--cheaper, indeed, then the stale chemical produce from the grocery store; two, that way I wouldn't have to remember which day of the week is market day and consequently miss most of em. I didn't so much remember today as I did happen to drive by, and then stop the car. Got me some arugala. Good times.