doesn't suit me

Yesterday the Globe had some things about the new trends in men's suits. You know what the problem is with men's suits, with the state of men's suits today? It's that jackets with narrower lapels are being labeled a major design innovation. Yes, they're still exactly the same length. Yes, they're still all blue, black, or gray. Yes, each of them looks pretty much like any other. But they have narrow lapels! And even greater departures lie in store: we're told that, next season, some jackets may have only one button instead of two or three. Groundbreaking.

I was interested because I'm trying to do my back-to-school shopping so I can look respectable for the kiddies (and more importantly for the administrators!) and there isn't a great deal of awesome sartorial choice available. Not that I was shopping for suits, of course. But while the drab sameness is worst at the highest levels of the men's garment trade, it reaches down even into the ranks of slacks and sweater-vests. Men are, apparently, deeply conservative. All of us. Including the designers. O where are our teal and yellow stripey waistcoats?!