blowing hot and cold

A couple weeks ago, life was simple. It was really hot during the day, so we closed the windows and shades; then, at night, we opened everything up as much as we could to try and get some relief. No more! Now it's still hot during the day, so windows need to be closed; then it gets cool in the evenings so we can open em; then at night it gets so cold the need to be closed so we can stay warm. It's hard to keep up with. I blame the wide temperature ranges, together with the very welcome drop in humidity (this evening, though, is not a part of that drop) for the fact that all the skin is falling off the tips of my fingers. It's not pleasant, really.

Still, we got nothing on weather compared to those poor folks in Louisianna and Mississippi. Hurricanes can be fun up here, but when you're looking at your house falling down you can't get the same thrill out of the whole business. News reporters don't have that problem though, nor anchors: their thrill and delight at the breaking news excitement is obvious.

So, I haven't been posting so much lately, but I have a good excuse: the wedding is now in less than a week (like, a week from today, but in the afternoon). After that's over with, though, you'll see great posts back again, with a vengeance. And it won't be as much weather stuff, neither. Or maybe it wil be. Maybe it'll be even more! We shall see.