We had some business in Rehoboth last week, which is about an hour south of us and closer to the coast. While Dan took a meeting the boys and I hung out on the playground of the local elementary school. The playground equipment was a bit advanced for toddlers, but luckily there was an outdoor classroom made up of six large flat stones. Who knew children could be so enthralled with knee-height rocks.

Harvey was "hunting trains" for some reason.

When Dan came back to meet us we went on to the real exciting part of the outing: THE OCEAN!!!

the waves! the waves!

Harvey was so into the ocean he was practically bursting with delight. It was like swimming with a teenage girl at a Justin Beeber concert.

happy salty boy

Zion wasn't so sure of the ocean at first. He liked being held tightly out of the water, and he liked playing in the sand sort of, but he didn't get photographed because mostly I was holding him or trying to make him happy. But Harvey's delight made the overall outing a success And everyone was happy with seaside hot dogs and french fries.


camping 2012, day 3

We've been remiss is posting the camping pictures, or anything at all; too many adventures every day to even keep current, let alone catch up with past events. But now we're home and most of us are asleep, so here's something.

low clouds and fog over the Porcupine Islands


Weather our third full day continued cloudy and coldish and we continued very tired; besides the exertion of the last few days, hard rain on the tent overnight kept us up and gave Leah a bit of a morning cold. So we didn't plan anything to extensive, which let us hang out in Bar Harbor for a while in the morning.

Zion lounging in an adult-size camping chair

he knows how to relax

Then we hung out in camp; luckily, Zion is clearly an expert at relaxing. The rain was intermittent so we looked for indoor events to do. We stopped by the Oceanarium, but despite advance billing it wasn't sufficiently child-friendly—in fact they didn't even let us buy tickets. A brewery tour had the advantage of being free entertainment, but it didn't quite hold the attention of the kids (to say nothing of poor Rascal, left behind in the car). Happily, the sky started to clear in the evening so Harvey and Mama were able to spend some time at the pool and playground. And unsettled weather sure makes for a pretty sunset!

Mama and Zion and a spectacular cloudy sunset

day is done