breathe again

Eh. I'm done with my first semester of grad schooling today; my last classes were Tuesday, but I had a couple more things to hand in. Now that's done, and I feel a very pleasant sensation of freedom. Now all I have to do is finish up a couple websites, and do all my Christmas shopping, and make Christmas cookies, and clean the house so it'll be presentable should we wish to have some sort of party. See, it's practically a life of leisure now! Leah is fairly leisurely as well, having finished her schooling for the (calendar) year a week or so before I did, so we get to enjoy each other's company again for the first time in a good long while. The only trouble is, we're afraid we'll be so busy enjoying we won't get anything done. So we made a schedule. Just watch, next thing you know we'll be models of efficiency!

Also, it is far too warm for the middle of December. I am not pleased.