A-Rod, schmay-rod

So I heard (on NPR no less!) that now that the Yankees signed Alex Rodriguez the hearts of Red Sox fans are broken, and they're already conceding the season. Which may be true, cause Red Sox fans are, by and large, weak-hearted pessimistic whiners. But I just had to offer my opinion, which is: good! A-Rod is a fine individual player, I suppose, but he didn't do too much for the Rangers, as I recall. Now you may say it's all different now that he's on a winning club, but wait and see: I predict that this is the year that the Yankees fall apart and get Joe Torre fired and just generally do poorly. Well, we can always hope.

In other sports news, the inagural LA Sevens rugby tournament concluded today, with Argentina upsetting New Zealand to win the two-day tournament. I watched alot of both days of play. It was fun, and it reminded me of my youth (which I vaguely noticed at the time): the Sevens circuit goes to Hong Kong next weekend.

In other Dan news, you may think I did nothing today but watch sports on tv (and I also caught a little bit of that basketball game they had with all the dudes from the different teams playing together), but that isn't the case. I also went to church in the morning and did a fair amount of work too, and took Leah dinner (making my way through the ferocious Santa Monica evening traffic--which was thickest in the parking garage--to do so). But mostly it was sitting around that was the order of the day. No complaints here!