Forgetfull Priests

On Monday i had a facial with Meredith, the greatest esthetician in the world, who did my makeup on my wedding-day FOR FREE because she's the bomb like that. Meredith is preparing for her own wedding in April, for which she will not do her own makeup, even though SHE'S THE BEST AT IT!!! She wants to be sippin Sangrias, not f-ing with eyeshadow, she told me, and i don't blame her. I asked here how her diet was going, since we're both fans of the South Beach diet, and she said, "This weekend i had two slices of pizza, baked maccaroni and cheese, and some meatballs... It was more like the Revere Beach diet."

Meredith also told me about her brother's new baby who was baptized in the Catholic church two weeks ago. Meredith's brother has young bride by necessity, meaning that she got knocked up and needed health insurance. Meredith does not have a very high opinion of her sister-in-law ("You didn't just need health insurance, you needed money and furnature too!") And last time i had a facial we laughed at the story about how she rushed everyone to the hospital because she thought her water broke, when she'd really only peed her pants. Anyway, the lucky child was recently baptized in the Church, and when the priest gets to the formal part of the service where he asks: "Who is it that presents this child to be baptized?" Meredith's brother gets up and yells, "Me! Remember me? You just married me four months ago!"

Thank God for watching over Chuck

Heather lost her dog, and then got him back. Just reading the story of how she MIGHT HAVE lost her dog, made me cry! I love Rascal so much, i would donate an organ if he needed one. Sometimes i call Dan from work and he says he's playing with the puppy, and then he says, "I love that little guy," and i know that i have the best family ever. He's stolen our hearts, that little pound puppy, along with our shoes and our bed-covers. Yesterday while i was putting on my shoes, he casually waltzed in front of me, in mid-stide dropping his tug-of-war rope at my feet. Then he slowly walked over to the no-no area where the shoes are, glanced around for a moment, and then mimed chewing my purse. That smart little devil! Yesterday markes his first coy manuver in getting me to play with him, and i'm so proud.

the blizzard that wasn't

Well, actually it was, once. But now it isn't any more. Never in my life have I seen so much snow fall and melt in such a short span of time. Obviously, there are reasons to be sad the snow is going so quickly: the Junior Choir likes to play in it, for example. But there are good points, too, like it helps with the dog training. I paid big bucks to get a long leash--75 cents a foot seems a little steep, does it not?--and the warm weather made it very pleasant to be outside practicing the come skill. I could get to like the new leash: Rascal doesn't really know he's wearing it, so when he gets bored and decides to head next door, I can yank him back; for all he knows it's like one of those invisible electric fences! Then again, it was only the first trial. He's a smart cookie, it may well be that he figures it out before too long. Only 11 more months of puppy teenager-hood to go!