baseball time!

Who cares about the snow that fell in blizzards yesterday and today in flurries? Today was the first day of spring in one vital area, which is baseball. Admittedly, I can hardly think about it when the ground is still white, but the preview version of the 2005 Red Sox are now assembled in one place for the first time, and they look like they're having fun. It's nice to be world champs. I'll get in on the real baseball fever, the organic sort rather than this more intellectual--or you might say liturgical--version, in a little bit; it comes with the mud, I find. I actually had one or two baseball-feeling days already, when we had that warm spell a couple weeks ago, but this official business means spring is really coming now.

Yesterday Leah and I went out to Chili's for dinner, which we had been meaning to do for some time. Let me tell you, if Americans really are fatter than other folks, and fatter than they used to be, it may be because they eat at places like Chili's a little too often. We're kind of hippies when it comes to food, Leah and I (though she hates the very mention of the long-haired tribe), so it was something of a shock for me to bite into my burger and get a virtual explosion of fat and salt. Seriously, it was the fattiest- and saltiest-tasting thing I've eaten in well over a year, just about as long as I can remember. Leah of course had a veggieburger so she didn't have the same overwhelming impression of the meal, but she still couldn't finish the mound of fries on her plate (neither could I finish mine). It was all very delicious, though, and I'm sure we'll be ready for another dinner there in three years or so.