bedtime novelty

This evening Harvey asked if Rascal could put him to bed. He was a little wired and off-schedule from celebrating Grandma's birthday this afternoon—happy birthday Ma!—and was bouncing around on our bed like a wild thing. I offered him the choice of going to his bed with me or Mama, and then whimsically suggested Rascal as a third option. Harvey's a clever child, and getting wise to our ways, so you can guess who he chose. Less wise was when he asked Rascal to carry him. "Rascal uppy?! I'm afraid that won't quite work, my son."

In the event, I made Rascal come in and sit by Harvey's bed while Harvey got tucked in. The poor pup was a little confused; he doesn't spend much time in Harvey's room, since he wasn't really allowed in there when it was the sewing room. He was a good sport, though, and sat patiently until he was dismissed. Now Harvey is attempting to go to sleep. Up repeatedly between 2:00 and 4:30 this morning, then slept until 8:30; didn't nap until around 4:00 (usually it's before noon)... it's chaos around here!